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Rapa Nui

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Inter-tribal rivalry leads to a competition to erect a huge statue (moai) in record time before Make can take part in the race to retrieve the egg of a Sooty Tern. The reward for winning this race is to rule the island for one year.

Director Kevin Reynolds’ (and producer Kevin Costner) historically-questionable film about civil war on early Easter Island (known as Rapa Nui in Chile) in the remote SE Pacific. Throughout the melodrama set in the 1600s, there were many scantily-clad natives, including a mishandled and miscast Sandrine Holt.

The film told about a forbidden (and preposterous) ‘Hollywoodish’ star-crossed ‘Romeo and Juliet’ love story between two secret lovers who were from two opposing tribes:

Ramana (Sandrine Holt), a plebian, slave class “Short Ear” native girl
Noro (Jason Scott Lee), a member of the aristocratic, ruling class “Long Ear”
The backdrop for the romantic melodrama was the perilous annual contest – the Birdman competition (taking a route along rocky cliffs and into shark-infested waters) – between representatives of all the clans, to determine who would reign as “Bird Man” for the next year. The shaman reluctantly promised Noro the hand of Ramana if he won and if she was confined during a 6-moon preparation period in a cave called the “Cave of the White Virgin,” although she had already been de-virginized (and impregnated by Noro). Another male, a “Short Ear” named Make (Esai Morales), Noro’s childhood friend but now the leader of rebel unrest, also vied to win Ramana’s love.

The film ended with Noro as the sole surviving winner of the competition – he escaped the island with Ramana and their recently-born baby.

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Genre: (1990-1999), 1994, Adventure, Bare breasts, Female Nudity, Nudity

Director: Kevin Reynolds

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