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The Stewardesses

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A single eventful night in the lives of a crew of Los Angeles-based, trans-Pacific stewardesses, as they experiment with drugs and engage in various sexual encounters. The Stewardesses is a 1969 Softcore 3-D film. Produced on a budget of just over $100,000, the film grossed over $27,000,000 (USD) in 1970 dollars, becoming the most profitable 3-D film ever released. This has now been passed by James Camerons Avatar.

This gimmicky sexploitation film from writer/director/producer Al Silliman Jr. was the first soft-core (actually hard-core adult film) 3D (Stereovision) feature film. In some cases, body parts (often breasts) literally jutted off the screen. It was followed by The Naughty Stewardesses (1975).

Its tagline was:

“See the lusty stewardesses leap from the screen onto your lap”

The comedy was an instant success and even had mainstream appeal for mixed audiences. The sketchy plot was about an 18-hour layover of a 747 crew after a Los Angeles-Honolulu trip. It mostly featured the sexual activities (partying, sleeping around promiscuously, taking drugs, etc.) of various perky actresses in often poorly-acted scenes. First shown in 1969 and unique for any film, it was reshot and edited as it was shown for a few more years.

It became the most profitable 3-D film in history (a budget of about $100K brought in box-office of approx. $25-30 million), although eventually superseded by Avatar (2009). It was originally released with a self-imposed X-rating (although it was actually only soft-core), then re-cut for an R, and finally released again in 1981 as a porno film with hardcore inserts of completely different actors.

With the requisite heterosexual love scenes and gratuitous nudity, as well as acid-dropping and nude yoga, there was also one steamy lesbian scene between head stewardess Jo Peters (Angelique De Moline) and Cathy (Kathy Ferrick), and blonde stewardess Karen (after a shower and while under the influence of acid) made love to a Greek god bust-headed lamp!

The film had a startling moralistic ending -the murder-suicide of aspiring actress Samantha (Christina Hart) who believed abusive ad executive Colin Winthrop’s (Michael Garrett) false promises about a career as a model for toothpaste. She smashed in his skull with a statuette while he slept and then jumped to her death from his high-rise balcony. The conclusion saw the group of stewardesses back at work.

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Genre: (1950-1969), 1969, Bare breasts, Comedy, Female Nudity, Masturbation, Nudity, Sex

Director: Al Silliman Jr.

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