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A Man in Love

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An American film-star and an unknown British actress meet on set in Rome. She is angry when he refuses to speak to her journalist father, but later they have a passionate relationship.

French director/writer Diane Kurys (with her first English language film) told a tale of infidelity in a passionate and erotic art film (a film about film-making itself). It was about the life of the Italian poet Cesare Pavese (who committed suicide) and his last love, Gabriella. Its tagline was:

“Love Devours Only the Hungry.”

The two lovers who were having an extra-marital affair while on an Italian set during film-making were:

Steve Elliott (Peter Coyote), a self-possessed, temperamental, egotistical married American movie star, as Cesare Pavese himself
Jane Steiner (Greta Scacchi), an earthy and sensual leading lady co-starlet (a British actress), as Gabriella
Their first sexual encounter was while they were dancing together to a scratchy phonograph record, and he impulsively touched her breast through her red dress. He suggested, “Let’s go” and they went to his room. She unbuttoned the front of her dress and unhooked her bra to reveal her breasts to him. As he hugged her body to himself, he then let out a terrifying series of primal screams, causing her to beg: “Don’t hurt me.” (It was revealed to be part of a film scene – when the crews and camera were shown from another angle).

During dinner that evening, Steve bluntly asked Jane: “Will you stay with me tonight?” but they didn’t become intimate, because she was too paranoid after smoking too much marijuana. Their secretive romance was threatened by the unexpected arrival of Elliott’s neglected and estranged wife Susan (Jamie Lee Curtis), Jane’s own French boyfriend, and the lingering illness of Jane’s dying mother Julia (Claudia Cardinale). However, they had another chance later on, when he began slowly touching her under her blouse, and they purposely hesitated to kiss each other until their erotic tension was so great that they couldn’t resist each other. He dropped his pants and they began to make love against the wall, as they continued to nibble at each other with love bites – the camera tracked in for close-ups of their faces.

They had many other opportunities to make love, and in one instance, he bought her a black piece of lingerie that she put on to model for him. However, it was fairly clear that Steve would never leave his wife for her, and they were almost discovered together when Jane was showering. The character of Jane was self-awakened and transformed by film’s end, and typing a manuscript titled “A Man in Love.”

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Genre: (1980-1989), 1987, Bare breasts, Drama, Female Nudity, Nudity, Romance, Sex

Director: Diane Kurys

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