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Cemetery Man

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A cemetery man has the unusual problem of the dead rising from the grave. Himself and his assistant must end these creatures’ lives again after they are reborn. Everything is going well until “She” comes along and stirs things up a bit.

Buxom Finnish-born Italian model Anna Falchi (credited as “She”) starred opposite British actor Rupert Everett (as Francesco Dellamorte, meaning ‘of the dead’ in Italian) in this intensely erotic, sexy and gory horror film – a supernatural romance (and comedy!) from director Michele Soavi.

Dellamorte was a restless cemetery keeper at Buffalora Cemetery in Northern Italy where, due to a plague, the corpses came back to life as zombies (“ones that return” or returners) every seven days – requiring re-extermination by shooting them in the head.

The cemetery worker met an exotic, stunningly gorgeous, voluptuous widow (Anna Falchi), wearing black at the cemetery where she was mourning the recent death of her rich elderly husband (Renato Donis) during a funeral. After being turned on by the ossuaries in the cemetery’s mausoleum, they had very passionate sex one late night on top of her late husband’s grave.

She was killed for her unfaithful love-making by her jealous husband’s zombie appearance after he clawed his way out of his grave behind her and bit her in the upper right arm. Francesco plunged a crossed wooden stake into the brain of the husband to forever kill him, and then picked up the nude body of his dead lover.

Francesco kept in mind her promise in her dying words: “Nothing will separate us…not even death.” He waited seven days for her zombie return from the grave, when she rose up in front of him naked and wrapped in thin cloth. He used a gun to shoot her in the head. She fell backwards onto her grave platform – now experiencing eternal peace.

As the story progressed however, She (all characters played by Falchi) kept reappearing or reincarnating in his confused, mad, depressed and weird life as various female personas (a self-generating hallucination?) resembling his lost love. She first appeared as the new mayor’s assistant – a frigid woman who feared the male member (Dellamorte took medicinal injections to become impotent, and considered castration), and then as a young prostitute who was paying off her college tuition. However, all manifestations of his lost love tragically died.

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Genre: (1990-1999), 1994, Bare breasts, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Female Nudity, Horror, Nudity

Director: Enrico Grassi, Francesca Marra, Julie Gavras, Michele Soavi

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