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The Crying Game

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Irish Republican Army member Fergus (Stephen Rea) forms an unexpected bond with Jody (Forest Whitaker), a kidnapped British soldier in his custody, despite the warnings of fellow IRA members Jude (Miranda Richardson) and Maguire (Adrian Dunbar). Jody makes Fergus promise he’ll visit his girlfriend, Dil (Jaye Davidson), in London, and when Fergus flees to the city, he seeks her out. Hounded by his former IRA colleagues, he finds himself increasingly drawn to the enigmatic, and surprising, Dil.

Writer/director Neil Jordan’s R-rated sleeper hit political thriller included an infamous, much-talked-about, erotic unveiling and shocking revelation. The film was advertised by the film’s distributor Miramax, urging moviegoers not to reveal the secret twist, although some of the intrigue was softened when actor Jaye Davidson (playing a female) was nominated in the Best Supporting Actor (!) category.

Fugitive IRA kidnapper and guard Fergus/Jimmy (Stephen Rea) was on a mission to London. Deceased captive British soldier Jody (Forest Whitaker) had given him a message to deliver to his lover Dil (Jaye Davidson), a hairdresser and club singer.

Dil turned out to be both a provocative and exotic female, although her true identity as a transvestite male (rather than as a female) was revealed in the film’s major surprise. It occurred with a slow camera pan down Dil’s nude body to his genitals after he dropped his red kimono robe to the floor, causing Fergus to shortly thereafter vomit after the sight of his cross-dressing partner.

[Note: In the same year, Sharon Stone shockingly and visibly revealed her female sex in Basic Instinct (1992).]

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Genre: (1990-1999), 1992, Bare breasts, Crime, Drama, Female Nudity, Male Frontal Nudity, Nudity, Romance, Sex, Thriller

Director: Neil Jordan

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