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Color of Night

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When New York psychiatrist Bill Capa visits Los Angeles to take over his murdered colleague’s therapy group, he finds himself embroiled in the thick of a mystery when he bumps into Rose and begins a torrid affair.

In this psychological thriller by director Richard Rush, some of the more sultry sex scenes were cut from the NC-17 rated film for a lesser rating of R for the US theatrical release, and the restored R-rated Director’s Cut included an extra 15 minutes of scenes and was slightly cut. An unrated Director’s Cut contained 15 minutes worth of extra plot scenes and was completely uncut. This film was the sex-ploitative winner of the 1995 Razzie Award for Worst Picture, although Maxim Magazine awarded it as having the #1 Hottest Movie Sex Scene ever.

Distraught New York City psychoanalyst Dr. Bill Capa (big-name star Bruce Willis) with stress-induced, psychosomatic color blindness, quit his practice and traveled to LA, to stay with analyst/author friend Dr. Robert Moore (Scott Bakula). When Moore was violently stabbed to death in his office after-hours, Bill reluctantly took over Moore’s Monday group therapy sessions and lived in his ultra-modern vacated house, while attempting to find the murderer when considered a suspect himself by Lt. Hector Martinez (Ruben Blades).

One of the five patients was 16 year-old bespectacled drug user Richie Dexter (Jane March), a volatile “genuine nut case” who had gender-confusion issues and spoke with a stutter. Meanwhile, he was seduced by an exotic female – a torrid, provocative, sexually-advancing and insatiable Rose (Jane March in a dual role), calling herself Miss Fender Bender after she rear-ended his car. She unexpectedly reappeared, invited herself to a dinner date, and made out with him as they called for a taxi.

During their first passionate and sensual encounter, both displayed full-frontal nudity, beginning in the pool (with underwater sex), and then into the bedroom. In the dining room, she offered him a cooked plate of food, as the camera slowly panned up her chest while she proposed: “But if you don’t like this, I have something else for you.” They continued their love-making in a steamy shower, but then she mysteriously disappeared from his bed.

In the meantime, lesbian girlfriend Bonnie (remarkably close in resemblance to Rose) was cavorting with oversexed Sondra Dorio (Lesley Ann Warren), one of the therapy patients, who had confessed in the initial therapy session that she was both a nymphomaniac (“I want sex all the time”) and a kleptomaniac. During one visit, Bonnie told Sondra: “Nobody appreciates you the way that I do” before she left – sharing a same-sex kiss, and a subsequent visit led to a longer sex scene between them.

A little later in the film, Rose again surprised Dr. Capa for more sex – meeting him in his kitchen (where she cooked him a meal wearing only an apron), and joining him in a soapy bathtub, etc. On her next visit, she opened her blouse, revealing her right breast to Capa – she asked: “So, what color are my nipples?”

By film’s end, Rose was revealed to be role-playing the sexually-confused “Richie,” whose overprotective brother Dale (Andrew Lowery) had committed two murders, fearing that Rose’s identity would be revealed.

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Genre: (1990-1999), 1994, Bare breasts, Drama, Erotica, Female Nudity, Nudity, Romance, Sex, Thriller

Director: Richard Rush

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