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Vixen lives in a Canadian mountain resort with her naive pilot husband. While he’s away flying in tourists, she gets it on with practically everybody including a husband and his wife, and even her biker brother. She is openly racist, and she makes it clear that she won’t do the wild thing with her brother’s biker friend, who is black.

This over-the-top, definitive Russ Meyer (“King of the Nudies”) soft-core sexploitation skin-flick was typical of his independent underground films with aggressive, big-breasted starlets. It was the first of Meyer’s films with VIXEN in the title, followed by SuperVIXENS (1975), and Beneath the Valley of the UltraVIXENS (1979).

Its various themes included incest, lesbianism, promiscuity, violence, inter-racial rape, and racism – all in one film.

This highly profitable, low-budget film from the independent film producer/director was one of the first US films to receive the newly-formed MPAA’s ‘X’ rating, for its many sex scenes (including Vixen’s erotic dance with a dead fish).

The film asked about Vixen: “Is She Woman…or Animal?” and provided the tagline: “No trap can hold her…this predator on the loose,” while the trailer described its plot:

“The story of a girl who loves the joy of being alive, and gives herself innocently to the merry chase of life…”

It featured dark-haired brunette Erica Gavin as the sexually-voracious, racist, bisexual title character Vixen Palmer, married to naive Canadian bush pilot Tom Palmer (Garth Pillsbury) and living in a remote cabin. In her first sequence on-screen, she was frolicking in the woods with a Royal Canadian Mountie (Peter Carpenter), and complaining to him as she ripped off the top of her yellow bikini: “Come on, you’re taking too damn long.” After they had sex and she had to run off, he called her a “cold bitch.” When asked what he would do to her if he had the freedom, he replied: “I’d turn you over my knee and spank your bare butt.”

Illustrative of her sex-crazed, promiscuous, frustrated and incestuous character, Vixen also seduced husband David King (Robert Aiken) who was visiting with his redheaded wife Janet King (Vincenne Wallace), one of the couples who came to their cabin in the woods. On a fishing trip, Dave also had sex with Vixen in the great outdoors after she urged him on: “Well, what are you waiting for?”, followed by a nude romp through a stream and more coupling in the water.

Later, a drunk, unhappy and depressed Janet (knowing that she was being cheated upon) was also one of Vixen’s conquests. When Janet viewed Vixen undressing, she remarked: “So that’s what my husband was after. Not bad, not bad, I gotta admit, that’s not bad at all.” Vixen replied: “What you need is some cheering up.” As Vixen massaged Janet’s breasts, she remarked: “Your skin is so soft. How do you keep it that way?” Janet replied: “I don’t use anything special.” Vixen was becoming visibly aroused: “I know it’s strange, but your body really turns me on” – a prelude to them having lesbian sex.

She also showered with her own motor-cycle riding younger brother Judd (Jon Evans) and dared him to have sex with her. But she expressed derogatory attitudes toward his black friend Niles (Harrison Page), a Vietnam War draft-dodger, by often calling him “Rufus” and refusing sex with him.

The film ended with an action-packed hijack attempt to Cuba (using Tom’s plane) involving communist Irishman O’Bannion (Michael Donovan O’Donnell) and Niles, although it was aborted.

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Genre: (1950-1969), 1968, Bare breasts, Drama, Erotica, Female Nudity, Nudity, Sex

Director: Russ Meyer

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