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A woman moves from NYC to LA after a murder, in which she is implicated. She is followed by what is apparently her evil alter- ego. She moves into a room for rent by a writer, and he begins having an affair with her, but after some strange things happen, he’s not so sure if the affair is with her or her doppelganger.

Drew Barrymore starred in this trashy and strange horror-thriller film (straight-to-video), with a confusing plotline – was the mystery in the film psychological, or actually supernatural? Its tagline was:

“Sometimes love can be a killer.”

It told about an evil, alter-ego twin (doppelganger) as the mentally-disturbed character of Holly Gooding who suffered from multiple personality disorder. She moved to Los Angeles after being suspected of brutally stabbing and murdering her mother (real-life Jade Barrymore) in New York. She moved in with wanna-be writer Patrick Highsmith (George Newbern) and began to have an affair with him – or was it her doppelganger? In one seduction scene, she disrobed for him in the kitchen and they had sex on the floor.

In the film’s most memorable and surreal dream sequence, Holly was showering when the water turned to blood. The second most striking and erotic scene was one at a party in which Holly danced (and groped) with herself.

The mostly ludicrous film revealed in its mind-bending twist ending that Holly’s mysterious psychiatrist Heller (Dennis Christopher) was evil Holly in disguise (as well as all of the other various antagonists), and Holly was able to transform herself into a gooey alien monster from which two skeletons emerged, before she reverted back to herself – and died!

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Genre: (1990-1999), 1993, Bare breasts, Female Nudity, Horror, Mystery, Nudity, Thriller

Director: Avi Nesher

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