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Ride a Wild Stud

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During the Civil War, Confederate bandit William Quantrill and his raiders kidnap women, rape them and imprison them in a brothel. A cowboy sets out to rescue his girlfriend, who is one of the kidnapped women.

This ‘adults-only’ sexploitation western set in the Civil War era, directed by Revilo Ekard (reversed as Oliver Drake) was an odd cult film that was one of only three-produced films from the short-lived studio Vega International. Its well-distributed poster showed the naked backside of a woman (with garter belt and stockings) who was being carried by cowpokes and forcibly placed on a table.

It was advertised with the tagline:

“When Men Were Men and Women Didn’t Forget It.”

The graphic, soft-core film told about how Confederate outlaw bandit William “Colonel” Quantrill (Bill Ferrill) and his raiders in Kansas and Missouri during the Civil War kidnapped, forcibly raped and imprisoned women in a brothel (the infamous “Pleasure House of Quantrill”).

In the opening scene – a pursuit and shoot-out, Quantrill cornered gang traitor Burt Wilson (Chuck Alford), then kidnapped his virginal young daughter, heroine Marsha Wilson (Josie Kirk). After Wilson was shot dead, Marsha’s older sister (Helga Hanshue) was stripped, assaulted and held down on a bed and raped. When she resisted, she fled outside to mount a horse and escape, but was shot in the back and killed. The gunslinger calmly told his gang: “All right, men, the fun’s over. Let’s go!”

Nightly in the whorehouse, there were exotic dancers, wild parties, and orgies. In the brothel, Marsha was told what was to be expected by Quantrill’s madame Irene (C. C. Chase) and one of the other abductees:

“We’re all brought here to entertain him and his men, some by choice, some by force like you…There’s no way to escape, the hideout is too well-guarded.”

Those girls who wouldn’t ‘adjust’ would be taken out to the desert and “they just never came back.”

In the middle section of the western in a very lengthy and gratuitous sequence, Quantrill pursued a busty female in the desert, eventually forcing her to succumb to his rape-attack. At one point, she appeared to be enjoying his man-handling, until he strangled her to death, and left her nude body on a blanket.

Shortly later, Marsha suffered a vicious and threatening sexual attack by one of Quantrill’s gang members, Bill Doolen (Frenchy Le Boyd) at the Pleasure House. When Irene intervened to save her, Irene was murdered. After being raped, Marsha was able to steal and horse for her escape. During the film’s most publicized rape scene, Doolen again pursued Marsha on horseback, caught up to her, and raped her in a mountain stream.

Eventually, she was rescued by her cowboy boyfriend Mike McDermott (Hale Williams) and the females were able to fight off Doolen and stab him to death in the abdomen, before Marsha ended up in Mike’s arms.

Genre: (1950-1969), 1969, Bare breasts, Fellatio, Female Nudity, Nudity, Sex

Director: Oliver Drake

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